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C4 Blunt 2g – Fiore


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The Fiore Farms crew has rolled up a Shady Challenger claiming victory with the heaviest weight 2 grams on their high profile C4 Blunt. 80% sativa and 20% indica, this cultivar will have you feeling focused and talkative while comforting your pain from migraines or physical aches recovering from work out at the gym . Get yours now!


Buy C4 Blunt 2G Pre-Roll Joint By Foire Online Now

The C4 Blunt 2g is perfect for when you need to get high and do things. Entertain, drive, clean your house – it’s up to you!
Weed fiends all over are just dying waiting for a flawless cap of pre-rolled greenies.

Looking for a break from your usual joint? It’s time to make the switch. Our C4 Blunt 2g pre-rolled joints are perfect for when you’re looking to shake up your smoking routine.

C4 Blunt 2G Review

C4 Blunt 2g is a 2 grams cannabis pre roll joint from the popular Fiore farms. Made with real fiore lab tested strains, C4 Blunt 2g is perfect for any occasion and guaranteed to impress.

Whether you’re looking for something special or just want to set your hookah on fire, our potent pre-rolls are the way to go. Visit us online about more information on how to buy our high quality products at reasonable prices today!

C4 Blunt 2G Apperance

Buy C4 Blunt 2g - Fiore Pre rolls Online now

You see them at concerts, in parking lots and urban streets- in the form of a compact canister- and now you can have one for yourself. C4 Blunt 2g is a 2 grams cannabis pre roll joint from the popular Fiore farms (knows to all RI locals as HQ1).

Ordering these online offers convenience and reliability that comes with familiarity. Spend just $40.00 on 1 or more packets and get them mailed to your designated address! Packaged securely for high quality results each time, there’s nothing between you (or your friends) but easy access to flavorful blunt joints made specially by Fiore Farms

Carefully hand-rolled in small batches, our weed is a one of a kind experience that offers bits and pieces of amazing terpenes. With an assortment of flavors from citrusy Tangie or earthy Mercy OG, there’s no guessing which spliff will satisfy your taste buds!

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C4 Blunt 2g - Fiore